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Underground (2020)

  • Drama
  • 1h 37m

Maxime works in a mine in Val d’Or. He shares his time with his girlfriend and his childhood friend, Julien, who was disabled after a car accident he caused two years earlier. Feeling guilty, Maxime wants to redeem himself. But he is held back by Mario, Julien’s father who also works at the mine and who still holds it against him. One day, an explosion resounds underground. As part of the rescue mission, Maxime descends into the cave of the mine with the firm intention to save his colleagues.

Joakim Robillard (King Dave) is outstanding as the conflicted Maxime, with excellent support from Théodore Pellerin (Genèse), in a thought-provoking and deftly-handled examination of masculinity in crisis.


Sophie Dupuis






Sovereign Films