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Martin Eden (2019)

  • Drama
  • 2h 9m

With English subtitles.

MARTIN EDEN is the kaleidoscopic, brilliantly rendered account of one man’s spiritual, philosophical, artistic and political journey through life and Italian society, as he strives to discover his sense of identity.

A tough sailor, Martin’s chance introduction to the upper echelons of middle-class life and a meeting with a beautiful young woman inspire him, against all odds, to teach himself to become a writer.

This bold adaptation of London’s novel, transposed from the US to Naples, mixes drama with archive footage to create a unique fable that demonstrates the imaginative vision and creative skill of director Pietro Marcello.


Pietro Marcello


Jack London


Pietro Marcello


Maurizio Braucci


Italian, French


Italy, France, Germany


Verve Pictures, New Wave Films

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